Welcome To Never Being Done

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

According to Disney's Twitter page (https://twitter.com/disney/status/622012888778149888?lang=en) Walt Disney exclaimed, "Disneyland will never be completed, as long as there is imagination left in the world." At first glance, it seems almost impossible that something so large and complex could undergo near-constant improvement since its opening. All one has to do is search for Disneyland vintage videos on YouTube to appreciate its beginnings to where it is now. And while it has changed throughout the years, it has also stayed true to its vision. As self-developers, we too can constantly improve while we hold constant our self-meaning.

Just like the famous theme park, there’s no right place to start, no perfect amount of time to spend at any location or station, and no standard of what areas to venture into before another. You can begin in areas such as health, career, relationship, and even financial. Or not. You may choose to jump in to personal growth first, then another area. Or not.

Many visitors to the theme park choose to go early and staty late. Others choose to visit at a more preferred time. And still, others opt for a shorter visit. As a self-developer, you may elect to spend weeks, months, or even years developing entire facets of self-development aspects. Or you may focus on one dimension and when you’ve achieved what you sought to accomplish, you may end your self-developer journey.

Self-development can be a journey that you decide to go on which involves others who share in your journey, even if on the edges of your path, such as in group coaching. Some self-developers elect to attend events, workshops, and seminars with trusted friends, family, or associates. At other times, self-development may be undertaken in a more private setting, such as personal coaching or as a solo attendee at an event. Regardless of what you attend and how you show up, self-developers who place value on their experience and the outcomes received will likely expand their participation in various areas of living.

Taking action can never be separated from information. It is a critical piece since anything worth doing is worth more than just knowing or having an idea of what to do. To put it plainly, when one is a self-developer, just being knowledgeable isn't enough. Often learning is critical to being able to take meaning action; however, just learning new information without putting it into does not typically lead to development. Rater, new information is like the fuel for a rocket so the rocket can leave the launch pad and take flight. After all, if the “Happiest Place On Earth” remained just an idea, think of all the creation, places to go, things to see, and experiences to have we’d all be missing.

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