All problems need a solution, and here at The Self-Development Marketplace, we pride ourselves on being problem-solvers.


For too long, there's been a lack of available self-development resources. Information is hard to find, there's no community, and emerging along with celebrity providers had no voice. 


It's unsatisfying that other communities have access to relevant and inspirational information, but those interested in self-development or life coaching don't. Life coaching is among the most important advancements in the self-development sector over the last 25 years, but it's always lacked a platform for coaches to share their expertise. The information that is available focuses on a select few topics without balance and scope.    


The Self-Development Marketplace delivers a comprehensive solution to this problem.


We recognize that the individual is resourceful and whole; that experiences are comprised of many varied life aspects such as finances, careers, and relationships. So we're bringing together renowned coaches and authors, sharing programs, and collaborating with emerging personal growth experts that offer real value.


Thanks to our all-encompassing approach to self-development, you'll have the greatest opportunity to grow in an established and meaningful way. To ensure these resources are accessible to all, we reserve 1% of revenue to invest in the education of the public and legislative advocacy.


As trusted professionals in our field, we acknowledge the criticisms surrounding the effectiveness of self-development programs. We say: try it for yourself and see how it can help you achieve the personal success you're searching for.  Varicate, The Self-Development Marketplace, authentic inspiration and information for what matters.  The best in coaching, live events, seminars, programs, and news for the self developer.  

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